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The coffee labeled as “Medium” was initially known as “Dark n Twisted” It is a medium-dark roasted coffee celebrated for its delightful balance of flavour, enjoyed by everyone who tastes it. The name ‘Medium’ is a wish for it to be a universally enjoyed choice for all. This coffee is suitable for any brewing method. You’ll discover delightful hints of milk chocolate paired with Vanilla Malty.
  • 200g
  • 1kg
  • Whole Bean
  • Plunger
  • Espresso

Roast Profile
Medium Roast


Jalapa, Guatemala’s rich soils and high altitudes are ideal for growing high-quality coffee. The region is perhaps, less well-known than Guatemala’s more renowned coffee regions of Antigua, Acatenango and Huehuetenango, but the climate here lends itself to high grown Arabica production just as well. This relative anonymity is part of what makes this coffee such great value. Farm in the region are overwhelmingly small-scale (usually under 5 hectares) and usually are managed with the entire family pitching in at key points during the year. 
Coffee is shade-grown, and most families still grow ‘traditional’ varieties are slowly being introduced. Coffee is the main cash crop for most families, where the majority of other agriculture is geared towards subsistence. Crops such as maize and beans are common.
"I love working in my region - collaborating with producers, improving their coffee production, quality and lives."

- Rodolfo Elias Lopez, Agronomist & Technical Advisor, Guatemala.

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