How to Brew: V60

Vibe and the V60, a match made in coffee heaven. Perfect your pour with this beautiful brewer that gives you ultimate control over your coffee. Born in Japan and brewed around the world, the V60 brings out the clearest flavours and aromas from your coffee – so you can experience all the delicious subtleties of Vibe.

What you’ll need

V60 brewer

20g medium grind Vibe coffee

Water heated to 90-96°C





Leather jacket (optional)


1. Grind 20g of fresh Vibe coffee.

2. Pop your folded filter paper into the V60 and rinse with hot water (this’ll remove the paper taste and preheat the vessel).

3. Discard the water and add your Vibe. We recommend a 1:16 coffee to water ratio for V60 brewing.

4. Saturate the ground coffee with water right off the boil, ensuring nothing is left dry.

5. Wait about 30 seconds until the coffee grounds stop dancing.

6. Gradually pour the remaining water in circular motions, pouring over the darker spots and avoiding the light ones.

7. Once the coffee has finished brewing (around the two and half to three minute mark, remove the brewer and pour the coffee directly into your mouth. We mean mug.

8. High five everybody in the room.

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