How to Brew: Aeropress

Never give into a stale and scalding aeroplane coffee again, or find yourself at the top of a mountain with the thought, ‘damn, some Vibe would really make this moment’. Once you go Aeropress, you’ll never go without it. The coffee critic’s ultimate travelling companion, the Aeropress makes 1 – 3 cups in just over a minute and cleans in seconds. It’s total immersion and rapid filtering yields deliciously rich and flavourful coffee.

What you’ll need


14g medium-fine ground coffee

Water heated to 90-96°C


Stirring spoon

Scale (if you have one)



1. Warm up your Aeropress with a little warm water.

2. Rinse filter paper, place into cap, screw cap onto the chamber.

3. Add 14g fine grind Vibe coffee into the inverted Aeropress.

4. Level out the coffee, lightly shaking it side to side.

5. Slowly pour water up to the “2” mark on the Aeropress and stir gently.

6. Look across the mountains for 60 secs, insert the plunger, and gently plunge into your favourite travel cup for 30 secs.

7. Open Instagram story, share with friends.

Vibe Tip: Adjust the grind size to suit your desired coffee strength.

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