How to Brew: Moccamaster

Quantity should never compromise quality. The Moccamaster batch brew is the ideal option for making up to 10 cups of premium filter coffee at a time. Handmade in the heart of the Netherlands, the Moccamaster is recognised as the finest filter coffee system in the world. Carefully designed and built to last – it makes a perfect brew, every time.

What you’ll need

Moccamaster machine

Medium-fine ground Vibe coffee

Cold filtered water



Your best friends


1. Rinse the paper and basket with hot water, removing any paper taste and warming the basket and carafe). Fold the paper and place in the basket.

2. Grind 80g of coffee
 (use a finer grind) and add to the basket.

3. Add 1.25L of room-temperature (or cold) water to the reservoir (the heating system works best with water at cooler temps).

4. Set the filter basket to closed

5. Ensure your clean coffee pot is in position so the brewer will function and drain properly.

6. Flick the brewer on. After a few secs, hot water should start to gently pour over the bed of coffee.

7. Once the filter basket is half-full of water – give it a little stir, so the grounds are evenly saturated and mixed in (be careful not to rip the filter paper).

8. The Moccamaster will continue dispensing water over the coffee until the water reservoir is empty. Once all water has dispensed, it’ll automatically stop brewing.

9. Begin your coffee celebration.

Vibe Tip: Grind is key. If the brew water is running up and over the filter paper then you need a coarser grind next time. You’ll want to grind slightly more finely than you would for manual pour-over techniques like the V60 or Chemex. Simply test and taste to find your perfect particle size.

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