How to Brew: Plunger

Eww, plunger coffee”. Let’s face it, we’ve all said it. But how wrong we are. What many don’t know is that the secret to French press (sounds a little nicer than ‘plunger’) coffee is found in the grind of the coffee, a very simple step in the brewing process. Invented in 1929, the best part about this brewing classic is that you’ll find one in most Kiwi homes – so there’s no excuse for not making the perfect cup.

What you’ll need

Plunger (or ‘French Press’)

45g coarse grind coffee

750mL water heated to 90-96°C

Bamboo paddle, chopstick or spoon


1. Bring water to just below boil (93–96 °C).

2. Add coarsely ground Vibe coffee to your plunger. We recommend 1 heaped tablespoon per 100 mL of water (so a couple of tablespoons for each cup).

3. Pour hot water over ground coffee evenly soak.

4. Gently stir with a bamboo paddle or chopstick.

5. Carefully reinsert the plunger, stopping just above the water level.

6. Cuddle the nearest dog for 4 minutes.

7. Slowly plunge and serve.

Vibe Tip: It’s all in the coarse grind. This method fully immerses the coffee grinds in water, providing a lot more contact between the two than other brew methods. Also, scraping the coffee ‘crust’ on the top of the brew before plunging and pouring it through a filter after brewing will remove any gritty mouthfeel. Enjoy!

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