How to Brew: Chemex

When it comes to creating perfect coffee, Chemex makes it happen. The elegant and iconic hourglass shaped Chemex vessel is made of high quality, heat resistant glass – it brews coffee without imparting any flavours of its own. The Chemex has remained unchanged for 70 years and the first Chemex invented can be found on display at MOMA in New York. Chemex coffee is truly a work of art. Master it with Vibe.

What you’ll need


Medium grind coffee

Water heated to 90-96°C





1. Weigh 25-28 grams of medium grind Vibe to suit your strength.

2. Fold filter paper and pop into your Chemex (3 fold side closest to the spout).

3. Rinse the paper with hot water.

4. Empty water from Chemex without removing the filter.

5. Add your coffee, shake the Chemex lightly to level.

6. Start your timer, pour 120mL of hot water evenly over the beans for 30 seconds.

7. At 1min, pour to 240mL of water for 30 seconds.

8. At 2min, pour to 360mL of water for 30 seconds.

9. When your time hits 4 mins, you’re good to go.

10. Crush your day. Repeat.

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