Making every cup matter.

The best stories start with coffee.

In the 50s, Kiwis fought in the Korean War. At camp, children who’d lost family would make coffee for our guys – pouring heart and soul into making every cup just right. Our soldiers filled the camp with songs from home. Turned out the kids loved Pokarekare Ana just as much as us. It wasn’t long before they were singing too and in that moment, 10,000ks away, Pokarekare Ana found a second home. Just like our coffee, they brought their blend to it and today, Pokarekare Ana, known as ‘Yeonga’, is one of the most popular songs in Korea.

“Great coffee is
an art form
all can master”.
Calvin Mun (Co Founder)

Calvin’s cup.

After the war, many of these kids emigrated to New Zealand. It’s an incredible story that not many know and one that inspired Calvin, our head roaster and co-founder to create Vibe. Born in Korea, Calvin moved to NZ in 02. Falling in love with our coffee culture, he opened his own cafe in Mission Bay. Just like the kids, Calvin poured heart and soul into making every cup matter. It’s this ethos that inspired Vibe to work directly with our farmers. Not only does this mean we can hand select the highest quality beans, it means our farmers get the best price for their hard work. Our farmers are passionate about NZ and proud to have the fruits of their labour (literally) loved by Kiwis. It’s also why our beans, unlike others, are roasted and delivered fresh to supermarkets every week. Make every cup matter with Vibe.

A toast
to our

Our roasting and cupping process celebrates everything that our customers love about our award-winning coffee. Fresh isn’t just best, it’s everything when it comes to creating the perfect cup. From the micro-lots of our single origin estates in Guatemala and Java, only the best fruit is put forward for airing and export. On arrival in Aotearoa, every shipment is inspected ensuring quality is never compromised. Then sample roasting and cupping begins. Basically we drink copious amounts of coffee (a tough job – but somebody’s gotta do it), hug and high five our way till everything is just right.