The Best Stories start with Coffee​

The birth of our coffee traces its history to the 1950s when our NZ Kiwis proudly fought in the Korean War.

The Korean War is one of the most forgotten wars, yet our participation received general support in New Zealand and felt necessary. Far from home, our soldiers would sing traditional songs to soothe their longing hearts for our home country. In the humming tune of the men in the military camps, the sentimental vibe was shared, remembering family and friends.

The orphans in the same camps formed a strong bond with the soldiers. As part of the duty, the children have nothing to share but a warm cup of coffee poured with much love and soul.
Although the pots were bigger than their size, they made every cup right. The heart-warming love shared as a good vibe became the communication tool in every sip. 10,000km from home, a good vibe shared between two cultures the Pōkarekare Ana (traditional New Zealand Love Song) became sung by everyone. In the present day, the Kiwi song is called “Yeonga” in Korea and is one of the most treasured songs of all time.

Bringing this into our coffee, we imagine bringing good vibes to every cup of coffee. With the warm goodness, you experience in every single cup, we hope coffee becomes the communication of love transmitted out.

A toast to our roast.

Our roasting and cupping process celebrates everything that our customers love about our award-winning coffee. Fresh isn’t just the best, it’s everything when it comes to creating the perfect cup. On arrival in Aotearoa, every shipment is inspected ensuring quality is never compromised. Then sample roasting and cupping begin. Basically, we drink copious amounts of coffee (a tough job – but somebody’s gotta do it), hug and high five our way till everything is just right.