100% Compostable Packaging

Ethical Business Practices By-Products

To be a reputable and responsible brand we look for the longevity and sustainability in everything we do. For our farmers that comes as fair trade agreements and for the packaging it is in the form of compostability. With the New Zealand Government heading towards banning plastic, we leaped ahead and brought the first 100% compostable air valve to NZ.



Coffee Scrub

Capsule Coffee

We are always looking forward to the next innovative process, product or production method from within and outside of our industry. By-products of our processes have gone into the production of sunscreen and coffee scrubs all made from our humble roastery. We love what we do and endeavour to stay at the forefront and have an exciting coffee capsule in the works.


Fair-Trade Certified Organic

Australian International Coffee Awards Silver Medal Winner (2018)
– Espresso, Blend
– Cold Brew Coffee
Golden Bean
Silver Medal Winner (2018)

Vibe is now officially certified fair-trade organic. Something we have worked towards for a very long time and now achieved. Now, our cup is even more full and fair, from farmer, all the way to the consumer. We honour our past and our process from the beginning, to the end, to ensure quality practices are met, the entire way through the process.