How to Brew: Aeropress

Never give into a stale and scalding aeroplane coffee again, or find yourself at the top of a mountain with the thought, ‘damn, some Vibe would really make this moment’. Once you go Aeropress, you’ll never go without it. The coffee critic’s ultimate travelling companion, the Aeropress makes 1 – 3 cups in just over a minute and cleans in seconds. It’s total immersion and rapid filtering yields deliciously rich and flavourful coffee.

How to Brew: Plunger

Eww, plunger coffee”. Let’s face it, we’ve all said it. But how wrong we are. What many don’t know is that the secret to French press (sounds a little nicer than ‘plunger’) coffee is found in the grind of the coffee, a very simple step in the brewing process. Invented in 1929, the best part about this brewing classic is that you’ll find one in most Kiwi homes – so there’s no excuse for not making the perfect cup.

How to Brew: Chemex

When it comes to creating perfect coffee, Chemex makes it happen. The elegant and iconic hourglass shaped Chemex vessel is made of high quality, heat resistant glass – it brews coffee without imparting any flavours of its own. The Chemex has remained unchanged for 70 years and the first Chemex invented can be found on display at MOMA in New York. Chemex coffee is truly a work of art. Master it with Vibe.